International Business Arena (M) SDN.BHD. (I-BA) is a Malaysian-based international company that deals in Jewelry products. Started global operation in May 2013, the I-BA Gold consists of a team of highly experienced professionals who have decades of experience in corporate and online business. These legends individually and independently manage teams across the globe. I-BA welcomes new customers across the worlds who are interested in promoting the I-BA brands in their respective regions. We have an experienced team of Consultants and Trainers to provide the necessary support to start up your home based online business.
Our core products are Gold,silver and Real Stone jewelry. We offer Bio, scalar energy and herbal products for health for all ages. With the use of these products you can feel the difference and enhance your health and lifestyle, it has made a difference to the lives of many people who have bought and used our Products. We are continuously engaged in deep research and analysis to improve the quality of our products. Additionally, we provide regular training sessions and workshops for our customers and leaders in an effort to help them boost their sales and performance.
We believe in professionalism and expect our leaders to provide their teams Professional Trainings, skill, commitment and accountability regarding our products.